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Project: List building
ID: 1198434410
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Created: 12/23/200712:26 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 2/21/200812:26 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: nateman2
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I am looking for a vendor who can generate list of employees of companies from diverse sectors (finance, retails, software, etc) The information that I am looking for is Name, Last Name, Position (manager, etc) phone or email, office location.
Im interested in the US and Canada but if you have europe that is fine too. If you already have directories I am open to consider them.
This is a super target marketing proyect that I am running. I would prefer xls file so I can search with filters and pull up for eg. Sales Consultants For X, Y and Z company in Florida. I am interested in a sample to see what capabilities you have and then choose the vendor with the best quality (meaning updated names..) for a long term business relationship.
gsolini at
Job Type: Business Strategy
Years of Experience Required: Less Than 1 Year
Geographic Location: Other

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webresearcher $ 100 3 day(s) 12/24/20071:32 (EST)
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Hi, With ref to your project details i wish to offer my services for the same and assure you that i am a hard worker.As a freelancer i have worked for so many companies few are e.g.DDSBPO.COM,,,etc.i also have done projects like email extracting of different department Officers,making accounts on myspace and confirm account and email verification written on excel sheets etc.,contact info for business agents,CEO`s,Manufactures,Distributors,Buying Offices,Contact Names and designation,Addresses,Telephone numbers,personal email add.and completed successfully. I have just finished with search of Web Design instructors with their website address and also Alexa rank and Google page rank of websites and company research.Some examples of my latest work is attached here with for your kind perusal. I hope you will award me the project.Looking forward to hear from you. Sincerely, R4U
carmengbn $ 200 5 day(s) 1/6/200820:11 (EST)
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I can provide you a list with 2000 entries fro US, Canada and Europe

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