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Project: company /person for longterm
ID: 1187085233
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: Maximum $ 2000
Created: 8/14/20074:53 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 8/21/20074:53 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: swedishhouseauction
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high knowledgeable company or person for longterm collaboration

About us

Swedish house auction is a site witch goes under the same company name and its 100% own by Nordic IT service who is a Swedish based firm. Swedish House Auction specializes in selling assets thru internet without involvement of brokers with easy understandable yet SEO friendly function and easy understandable design witch help both internet knowledgeable but also not so computer literally persons.


The company behind this company (Swedish house Auction) is called Nordic IT services are now currently searching for Person or Organization for long term development relationship ( person or organization that we choose to work with will at least have work for at least 2 years), we are not looking in first hand for the cheapest one but the price is still a factor when deciding, but we are looking for organization that can suite are needs se below.

What Swedish House Auction and Nordic IT service will take in count when choosing person or organization

The person / Organization need skill in following areas:

- Ajax (currently for non reloaded site, and site load optimization )

- PHP 4/PHP5 ( these are the langues chosen by our company when developing internet application)

- MYSQL (this is the chosen database platform that our company chose to work with and has knowledge in)

- Flex ( Nordic IT Services has on going project that need this platform)

- Flash ( more and more computer will have this plugin know when vista is coming so all of the project that are ongoing by Nordic IT services will be build to this platform sooner or later)

- API skill ( the Nordic IT service use widely API when developing sites)

- Web spider / webscraper ( Nordic IT services has ongoing project that are in need for these technology )

- SEO (search engine Optimization is A and O when its come to marketing so it’s a plus if the person or originations has some skill in this area)

- Project management Skill ( in order to complete project is a plus if the person ( organization has some skill in planning a project and setting time for each part so our company can easy plan further company activities)

- Design skill is a plus but not a must in order to get the project

- Able to take own initiative ( we grade highly person that can take own initiative in form of supply us with function that we may not think about or optimized existing function/ design an a way that we may not have think about)

Please supply us with following information

- What are your team/ teams skills, are they certified, can they supply’s us with example of work

- How are you planning to work in order to complete this project, recommended that you supply us with a Gant chart over the project time

- What is your pre and post project support and cost

- What commutation way will you have to us under the development period and afterwards

- The wage you accept to work for per hour

Job Type: Web design and development
Years of Experience Required: 1-5 Years
Geographic Location: Other

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speed3net $ 1500 30 day(s) 8/15/20074:20 (EST)
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hello sir it can be done

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