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Project: Mobile Application
ID: 1132828931
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Created: 11/24/20054:42 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 1/23/20064:42 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: arshley
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1. It should be a mobile application wherein when a person sends sms to 4 digit nos. like 8888 (for us it would be our gaming server) then a game gets downloaded on that mobile no and gets installed on the mobile. (Please see that it is configured in such a way that money is collected thru the cellular co.)

2. This application is such that once the game is installed then it becomes memory resident and it cannot be deleted.

3. It does not show up in the mobile menu also. Can be activated by putting in a short-key code. (something like #456#)

4. Once installed then the imei no. of the mobile should be sent to the gaming server.

5. Which would be stored in the database against the mobile no and mobile id code which is automatically generated.

6. This mobile id code which is unique should also now be saved in the mobile of the person who has downloaded this game.

7. The mobile user is also sent sms of this mobile id code asking him to remember it so that whenever required he can authenticate himself.

8. This game would have validity of 3/6/12 mths and when the validity is about to expire then a sms would be sent to remind the user of the same.

9. If the user wants to extend the validity then he sends the renewal message to the server and the server would extend the validity as required by again sending sms. (This is necessary becos money for renewal has to be collected from the cellular service provider)

10.If the person changes his sim card then an automatic sms goes to the gaming server with the new no and imei no.

11. So the gaming server would again send sms to user asking him about his mobile id code (which was previously smsed to him when he had downloaded this game. check pt. 7).

12.If the user gives the correct code then only the person can play the game.

13 for this it is necessary for the gaming server to crosscheck the correct code from the mobile application which is residing in the mobile of that person. check pt. 6

14. It should work on all the different types of mobiles.

15. The server would be preferred to be linux based and also has apache hosted so as to we can give web functionality as and when required.
Job Type: Software and Technology
Years of Experience Required: 1-5 Years
Geographic Location: India

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oceanus $ 10 1 day(s) 11/27/20057:38 (EST)
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we are a software development and services firm from bangalore india. we are interested to work on this application. Oceanus is a wireless application provider and have worked with different SMS sdk. for this application we will definately need an SDK as well as provider support. as 8888 like services has to talk to providers gateway. so let me know if u want to discuss this further. we have good idea about j2me, symbian, palm pocket pc games as well as applications on all this devices. Awaiting your reply at the earliest regards Thomas

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