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Project: Web-based Inventory Management
ID: 1060799489
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: N/A
Created: 8/13/200313:31 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 8/20/200313:31 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: bizwebdev
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Platform: Linux
Language: modPerl (Perl 5.56)
Database: MySQL

This project will create an online database of inventory for a client who also desires a control panel interface to control each inventory item in up to an unlimited number of levels of categorization and sub-categorization. Must allow for the upload of .jpg and .gif photos of objects, online catalog with product categorical hierarchy, keyword-searchable descriptions for each product, with the ability to control all facets of product pricing, both individually, categorically and system-wide. Must include complete user documentation with illustraions and screen shots in publication-quality English. Must allow for flat file comma-delimited file import directly into database, and a wide variety of maintenance and utility features. eCommerce system is a must, and must be completely configurable from a control panel, with XML interface with one of the common merchant gateways here in the U.S.

Must also include automated, event-driven e-mail notification system for current customers, which is fully configurable by the end user as to what content is sent, and on what event trigger. Must have automated database backup capability in form of a cron job.

NOTE: No hourly bids accepted, period. Do *NOT* low-ball, and tell me that you'll "discuss the price later"... that will automatically disqualify you from consideration. Bid on the project as a complete project, or do not bid at all. Your bid will be considered binding, if you are selected.
Job Type: Web design and development
Years of Experience Required: Less Than 1 Year
Geographic Location: USA

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Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
kamona $ 50 30 day(s) 8/16/20031:00 (EST)
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manikamathur $ 100 10 day(s) 8/15/20032:27 (EST)
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panaceatek $ 300 20 day(s) 8/16/20035:37 (EST)
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We have done similar project on Windows platform using ASP and SQL Server. We have a long list of satified clients and we would be glad to offer you our services.
unisoftsolutions $ 380 48 day(s) 8/14/20031:58 (EST)
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We already have made web based inventory management system for one of our client. So we simply have to customise & Stablise the system for you. For detail contact us.
daryl $ 500 10 day(s) 8/13/200323:23 (EST)
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paragphukan $ 1000 30 day(s) 8/20/20035:05 (EST)
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