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Project: Dating website needed
ID: 1059865829
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: N/A
Created: 8/2/200318:10 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 8/12/200318:10 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: summitmaker
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Looking for programmer or Web designer who is able to create a complete editable template for a quality Dating Website.Designed in Dream weaver and able to support various modifications. Will be connecting to SQL 2000 and Hosted on IIS 6 (Microsoft Advanced Server 2003) backend. Please be knowledgeable in SQL connectivity and transaction based websites. I have several other projects which I am hiring other companies to develop for me, but am looking to move to a private individual to help me work on future projects. Once I have found a person or company I can trust and works well with my team and me.
Job Type:
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Web design and development
Years of Experience Required: Less Than 1 Year
Geographic Location: USA

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Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
manikamathur $ 500 20 day(s) 8/4/20035:43 (EST)
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mayur $ 800 8 day(s) 8/4/20031:19 (EST)
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I am graphics designer and animator. I designed morethan 40 sites and having more than 5 years of experience in the web and Flash. If you can want to see some of my work download the zip file.\demo\ Regards Mayur
cmacklin $ 900 21 day(s) 8/6/20030:16 (EST)
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I am a professional web design artist and do great work. Please check out my one of my works at
yasir $ 1000 5 day(s) 8/2/200319:52 (EST)
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Dear Sir, WE WILL DISCUSS PRICING LATER IF YOU LIKE MY WORK. Have a look at my portfolio work & let me know If I can provide you my services, I can guarantee you outputs as per your deadlines and can also fulfill the requirements as I have been in this profession since the last five years. URL : URL : Thanks & Regards Yasir Khurshid

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