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Project: Online text "snippet" selector
ID: 1046630402
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: $ 2000-3000
Created: 3/2/200312:40 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 4/1/200312:40 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: hstraf
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1) PROGRAMMING - Code the next version of SnippetMaster. (PHP, javascript, etc). See the existing application at (View online demo.) I am NOT looking for a WYSIWYG editor. Please do not post a bid unless you have completely read the attached detailed design document.

Attached zip file contains 36 page "Detailed Design" document with detailed breakdown of all required functionality for the app.

NOTE: Downloading or opening the .zip means YOU AGREE to the included "Non-Disclosure & Non-Compete Agreement".

Please note: You may NOT use the existing code from the existing version of SnippetMaster. I would expect you to start from scratch.. all code for SnippetMaster v2.0 must be your original coding.

2) WEB DESIGN - The Detailed Design doc includes several "drawings" & sample HTML forms to explain required functionality. I also need the application to LOOK very professional. You must be capable of producing a high-quality look and feel for the application.

Approx $2000 US - more if absolutely necessary to get a highly professional design (look/feel).

I would like to see costs broken up into two sections:
- Programming
- Web Design

Maybe 1-2 months? The application is not extremely complex (little business logic), but if it's cheaper, I will accept a longer timeline.

PHP, javascript, HTML design (css, graphics, etc..)

1) Description of how you plan to deliver the application. (ie: 2 phases - code first, then design... Or all-at-once, etc.)

2) Portfolio of your web applications. (I want to see that you are capable of producing the functionality I need, as well as the LOOK that I want.)

3) Sample contract. I will not award this work to you unless you produce a thorough contract outlining all the work, responsibilities, costs, timeline, penalities, etc..

SnippetMaster is a product of Electric Toad Internet Solutions Incorporated. We have been in business for 3 years offering hosting solutions to local businesses. The original SnippetMaster application (see demo on website) was developed by one of our employee's.
Attached File: SnippetMaster v2 Specs - with
Job Type:
  • Software and Technology
  • Web design and development
Years of Experience Required: 1-5 Years
Geographic Location: USA

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Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
project247 $ 2000 2 day(s) 4/4/20031:29 (EST)
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corpdesigner $ 2000 30 day(s) 3/6/200319:55 (EST)
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Programming=$1100 Web Design=$900 can be completed 30 days

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