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Project: MLM
ID: 1044260506
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: Maximum $ 1000$
Created: 2/3/20032:21 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 5/4/20033:21 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: 300771
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I will have a MLM Projekt like!
Please look at this Site. If you can help me please
answer me!
Job Type:
  • Administrative Support
  • Software and Technology
  • Web design and development
Years of Experience Required: 1-5 Years
Geographic Location: USA

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Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
mitraprasenjit $ 1 26 day(s) 4/7/20038:09 (EST)
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We are glad to present before you Sysmetric, a group of companies in Europe, USA and India specialising in client/server and web technologies. Our consultants are primarily from SAP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Siebel and 3COM backgrounds and acquire a deep understanding of the client's business to map the most appropriate solution in record time. Our deliverables are SMART -Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound. We have been catering to customers in Europe, USA and Asia Pacific for over four years, and have aqcuired the skills to suit any kind of Software Development needs. We would request you to visit our site to know more about us. Though we are an India based company, we have our US office in Charlotte, NC, which acts as the account management centre for all our jobs from the US. praenjit9at)
corpdesigner $ 200 20 day(s) 3/12/200315:37 (EST)
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I can offer the design you want for a lower price and in a shorter time than others......only $200 and can be delivered in 20 days
daryl $ 500 30 day(s) 2/14/20039:37 (EST)
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We will be able to complete the project for you as per your specifications. Please do contact us for more additional options to add on to your project. Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to serving you in the future.
monpabi $ 600 30 day(s) 5/3/20032:03 (EST)
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Greetings! We are a group of certified Java developers who have done projects for General Electric, PC Corner, CAI and many other more companies. We would love to do the MLM system for your company. It will not present a problem but we should discuss the details of the system specifications. Please contact me to discuss the project details at your convenience.
kvcindia $ 700 60 day(s) 2/22/20034:06 (EST)
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Hello Sir, I can work for you. I have enough experiance to do this.
infinitesolutions $ 800 25 day(s) 4/25/20036:25 (EST)
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We have gone through your RFP. The project RFP looks very interesting and comes under one of our favorite domains. We are a bunch of enthusiastic and highly skilled programmers and creative designers having extensive industry experience with insight into the latest trends and technological changes. We specialize in providing high technology, end-to-end solutions in e-commerce, eBusiness and Internet technologies. Our prime objective is identifying the requirement, commitment and client satisfaction. We would like you to open Message Board so that we can understand your requirement in details.
itdc $ 800 30 day(s) 3/20/20031:28 (EST)
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evflex $ 999 25 day(s) 4/14/20036:02 (EST)
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conatct for best professional service, feel free to get full online support evflex at the rate hotmail dot com
pdotwebdesign $ 1000 45 day(s) 5/15/20033:43 (EST)
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We have much experience with this type of site and would have no problem tailoring your project to your exact specifications. The site would be built from the standpoint of having 100% administrative control from the admin pages, without any additional coding required. All content would be editable from the admin section and all payment actions, matrix formation and services would all be automated making the administrative work minimal. Our experience lies in a vast array of programming languages. We look forward to working with you. To see examples of our work, visit the company website:
compass $ 1000 60 day(s) 2/28/200321:51 (EST)
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We can design and build your site as per your specifications. Have experience providing template sites for another MLM org. Please contact me to discuss in more detail. Thank you!
designs4u $ 1000 78 day(s) 2/14/200318:47 (EST)
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Please see private post.

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