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Project: chat line
ID: 1041617744
(Cancelled Project)

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: N/A
Created: 1/3/200312:15 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 2/2/200312:15 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: pibkevin
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I would like a chat/date site very similar to It would need custom graphics and design, instant messaging features, member mailboxes, profile/regristration page, very little site administration except for a few things. is a very good model as to what I'm looking for in my site.
Job Type:
  • Graphic Design and Multimedia
  • Software and Technology
  • Web design and development
  • Miscellaneous
Years of Experience Required: Less Than 1 Year
Geographic Location: USA

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theglad $ 150 25 day(s) 2/1/200317:48 (EST)
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We can provide you with something like what you have asked for.
fairbid $ 280 30 day(s) 1/25/20038:39 (EST)
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Hi, I have taken a look at lavalife - a well organized site. I am a parnter in a web-development company and can make a site for you with similar functionality. I will first make the design, and you will take a look and approve/disapprove. Then I will finish the site. You will pay me only when everything is done and you are satisfied. In the above price I include 6 month update/maintenance free of charge. Looking forward to hearing from you
amrutinfo $ 300 25 day(s) 1/7/20030:51 (EST)
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Amrutanjan is a name associated with trust. Amrutanjan Infotech is a place where individuals thrive on a new technology solution challenges in various fields like Enterprise Resource Planning, e business, web/Internet technologies, Multimedia, Healthcare divisions etc. With the idea to provide companies with complete range of quality in software products, Amrutanjan came out for outsourcing with its fully qualified professionals. We had a thorough look at your project and are interested in discussing this further with you.
bizsavvysolutions $ 400 15 day(s) 1/12/20036:10 (EST)
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We will be providing you an Live dating and chating websystem with full fledged internal messaging system and if you like we will also help you in integerating it with other popular instant messaging softwares.We will also provide interest categoy lists to which people can subscibe. Then they will get instant mails when people of there interest register on the site. Thus we can help them in finding people of there interest area. We are very much open to evolving new innovative features to add to your site. But one thing that is sure is that what ever you will get will surely be higher than your expectation.This is our work philosophy. We will use ASP and backend database tecknology. We will be giving you the demo very soon after getting notification to work on project.Regards, Savvy , bizSavvySolutions
abhishek $ 500 26 day(s) 1/6/200313:37 (EST)
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sir i m abhishek. i have got several points to discuss with u. we have some great ideas and we would like to presnt u with the same. pls contact us for more details regards abhishek
idesign $ 800 29 day(s) 1/3/200319:17 (EST)
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Dear Sir. Let Me Introduce myself , My name is Nick, I work for a Web design company called I-Designs. We specialize in working on major projects, such as yours. We can do all that you require and more for $800. If you already have a domain with the right capabilities then it will be $600
kalaiselvan $ 1000 23 day(s) 1/10/20033:27 (EST)
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Neostar Technologies is an information technology company with its headquarters at chennai, India. Neostar Technologies has a state of the art development facilities for ECommmerce, web designing(Dating,Content development) and Hosting, Management Information systems, Portal design inclusive of web server installation and deployment, wap pages and hosting, Multimedia presentations and networking solutions, CBT & WBT. We believe in bringing you the best of technologies and ideas. We apply vision that brings success. Our technical expertise is outstanding and we are learning and experimenting every day with new technologies.

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