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Project: Master Air Tools
ID: 1027810274
Chosen Freelancer: hitechvalley

Status: Closed (No bidding)
Budget: $ 1-200
Created: 7/27/200217:51 (EST)
Bidding Ends: 8/26/200217:51 (EST) (expired)
Project Creator: bzywomun
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I need a web site designed nothing fancy, I need the info copied from corp. web site and put into my site but I do not want the same pg design.
I need a welcome pg, register pg that send info to my email and goes to the next pg on site. I need 4 pgs of descriptions and photos. I do not have these, they are on the corp site and will need to be copied.
Job Type: Web design and development
Years of Experience Required: 1-5 Years
Geographic Location: USA

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Messages Posted: 4

Freelancers Bid Delivery Within Time of Bid
eastley $ 75 7 day(s) 7/30/200212:39 (EST)
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Visit Http:// for a selection of my work, I'm currently fluent in PHP and MySQL aswell as ASP. You wont be disappointed if you hire me to do this project. Look Forward to hearing from you.
foxtech $ 80 4 day(s) 7/28/20027:32 (EST)
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we already have the register script ...
intelinet $ 100 10 day(s) 8/9/20025:01 (EST)
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Hi, see private message for details.
madcool Special User $ 100 26 day(s) 7/30/200222:53 (EST)
(1 review)
Hi, We're the team that developed the MadCool Network. See the PMB (Private Message Board) for more details.
nbmedia $ 100 5 day(s) 7/28/200220:56 (EST)
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Selecting a web development company can be frustrating, time-consuming, and definitely confusing. Net Business Media started because we understood the problems and saw the needs for a new and different kind of web design and development solutions for small to mid-sized businesses. Our solutions are simple, easy, and affordable. We customize a single web technology solution package, which your business needs, to succeed. We provide strategic planning, consulting, design, development, deployment, web hosting, marketing, security and maintenance for your web site. We have revolutionized the web development and design industry by offering service packages that are qualified, intelligent, creative and cost effective. Whether you are looking to build a web site for personal use, or for your business, we have solutions that meet your needs at the price you love.
bestbuy30 $ 120 5 day(s) 7/29/200215:05 (EST)
(No Feedback Yet)
We are based in India. We provide World Class service in Multimedia and Web industry. We have examined your requirements and are well equipped and ready to do the job within the stipulated time as we regularly do with other corporate clients.
venelin $ 130 3 day(s) 7/28/20020:19 (EST)
(No Feedback Yet)
We can do this for you within max 3 days using PHP/MySQL. We already have a register/login system and will modify it to meet your requirements. The other scripts and pages will designed to your needs. If you have any questions, let me now and discussed them via mesage board. Thanks.
acumax $ 150 15 day(s) 7/30/20021:58 (EST)
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We are a team of dedicated professionals specializing in web-designing and graphic design. You can view our portfolio on We will make sure that your web-site stands out among the world wide web.
hitechvalley $ 150 29 day(s) 7/27/200222:52 (EST)
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We are interested to workin in your project. For your additional information about us, We work with major corporations world wide. We are professionally running company with 60 developers and develop desktop, client/server, internet and palm solutions. We are US Search and Squaretrade certified for 100% online business protection. Our prime objective is client satisfaction and the fulfillment of their needs with unlimited efforts. We have developed several ecommerce, B2B, Search Engines, Knowledge Management and content Management solutions and Complex Enterprise Intranet application and corporate presence solutions for multinational companies as Intel, Enron, LOCKHEED MARTIN Global Telecommunications Group, Browne Dreyfus International, HARBINGER.COM,, Metropolis, ALCATEL, Geveke, Because, Athlon and many more from USA and Europe. Please visit some of our solutions:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and many more. Please email me for detail discussions. We use our own online project administering and collaboration tool for managing projects and clients will have direct access to the daily projects updates, send feedback and post fix requests, files and collaborate with developers directly.
jeyabaskaran $ 200 30 day(s) 7/31/200217:15 (EST)
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Hi, Greetings, We reviewed your requirement. We are a team of young dynamic professioanl. we reviewed your requirement. We are sure and confident of providing solution for your project. Please open PMB for further discussions. Regards, Siva - Nimiidia Team.
vanshaj $ 200 28 day(s) 7/29/20020:43 (EST)
(No Feedback Yet)
Visit me at for my portfolio. I've an experience of 4+ years & firmly believes in quick turnaround time with quality work.
gruben $ 200 29 day(s) 7/27/200219:11 (EST)
(No Feedback Yet)
We will supply your site based on your requirements. Already have scripts to register/login, etc. We await your response. Ruben Garcia

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